The Proof of 99

A great photograph does come around every day, and to say it is possible to make 99 astounding images across the three year journey my Leica and I share is a contradiction in itself. Instead, I consider this proof of 99 a study of what is possible when a self imposed focal length restriction is imposed on the photographic process. Additionally, justifying the time and financial investment made into the classic range finder work flow at the heat of the Leica M.

The Leica experience reformed my approach on how and why I continue to pursue photography (read more at the link below).




At the heart of every Leica M

The Leica honeymoon is over, and the vigour of our expeditions reflect within the scars we both graciously carry. Together we have stumbled through sub-zero alpine winters, tackled the humid Italian seaside and forged a bond over the frustrations every missed opportunity rewards.

The Leica M is an instrument of mechanical and optical synergy. Long shadows cast over the monumental bodies of work sculpted and refined by the artists who wield a Leica. An instrument when placed in the hands of a visionary, is capable of conducting an intimate symphony.

A life without intimacy is not worth living, and the warm intimate embrace obtained by tearing down the barrier between the creator and the focal point with the assistance of a Leica, stimulates personal and professional progression. New doors open and the presence of originality within the result becomes routine instead of an accident.

Originality in the work we develop is fundamental, and with each passing day, originality is exponentially more difficult to obtain. The quantity of photography force fed daily on a global scale is overwhelming, and the risk of repetition (intentional or otherwise) diluting the impact of yesterday's original concept is paralysing, yet inevitable.

Long term projects, evolving over time through personal insight demonstrate confidence and hold value against the rate of global content creation. If you can lift the camera and re-create your project over the weekend, it fundamentally lacks bespoke value. All great work takes time and development.

For me, the Leica was the catalyst on this internal journey of self discovery, a battle fought on the front-lines of the creative process in search of originality and progression. It led us past the  shallow world of technical perfection and put us on a path of self awareness to develop originality and bespoke value.

With time, the paint will fade and the brass skeleton of a Leica camera will unveil its distinct beauty, but it's talent for exposing personal weakness and challenging your conscious awareness of the photographic process will never fade. It is at the heart of every Leica M.

We are proud to share our first long term project, and the first big fork in our path of personal development since mastering and applying the technical aspects of the tool itself (the photo camera).

Summer sun tan

A tan is the result of radiation damage to skin cells. Contrary to belief, there is no such thing as a safe tan and the Italian's don't appear to have caught on (and they are not the only ones). With their heads buried in the sand, and the sun warming up their core, the population is thoroughly roasted every August when the office doors close for the summer break. The disrespect shown towards the suns radiation is embarrassing.

Sun exposure can't be avoided, but the quantity these people are soaking every summer season is destructive. Plus their precious red/brown coat is used to judge everyone who played it sun smart. Encouraging the uninformed to make poor choices for the coming seasons. Tanning could not be more popular and the social pressure is immense (having experienced it first hand).

The example we set today, will set the precedence for a healthier future.

My voice comes in the form of photography, I lack the ability to communicate my concerns in words (I have tried) and chose to show the extreme damage the everyday person is inflicting on themselves visually. 


Melanoma Research Foundation,

The full collection is available at the link below,

Enjoy the teaser (20 image limit),