Dinner with the Leica M

Beer, bokeh ball apertures and German engineering !! My life is complete !! I was only more than happy to buy my new best friend a beer....

Before everyone thinks I have gone insane, in actual fact I was getting feedback from a community project regular, chatting about cameras, future projects and potential sponsorship contacts. I was getting a positive vibe from our discussions related to my community projects which felt great!! Feedback has been a little hard to come by. After all, we are only aiming to bring the heart and creativity back into the photos we create and build a environment where we can all learn and grow together.

P.S. I held my first Leica tonight..... couldn't focus it to save myself but the weight, feel and lenses look amazing. I could see myself using one if time stood still and my preferred razor thin focus planes get projected as intended.

- Sven

Leica M Type 240