"Thats a good camera, it must TAKE awesome pictures"


You know the sob story and do not pretend you have not heard it before. It's not uncommon to be approached when handling your camera and for the topic of conversation to tip towards the make and model; hence my blog post title today.

I have to frequently remind people that there is something fundamentally wrong with that statement. Upon further examination of the wording you will come across the term 'take'. Why is it people seem to think that photographers 'take' pictures? If all you did was take pictures then maybe having a big fancy camera will help you repeatedly steal captures, but even that's up for discussion. 

Lets get one thing straight right now: It's time to re-educate the population. Having the most mega pixels, fastest auto focus system or even the sharpest lens is completely irrelevant when it comes to producing an original eye catching image. While these elements are important in producing high calibre photography, they will not compensate for poor edit selects and your ability to convey a feeling or idea through your work.  

The most important element in the image creation process is the thing sitting just behind the lens, and no! I am not referring to the camera body, rather you, yourself. You as an individual are responsible for the composition, subject matter and the interaction within which make up your creations. Your camera is just there as a disposable tool for putting pen to paper and recording what you saw.

Due to the technological advancements made in recent years we are now able to get cheap access to equipment which already far surpasses what was available two years prior (this is dead obvious when you look at high ISO quality). While it's easy to get bogged down with the thought that you have to stay at the cutting edge of the latest and greatest technological breakthroughs in image sensor and optical developments, these clever marketing elements have been engraved in our foreheads to be the most important thing in our work but when you really think about it, they won't bring your visions to life. Without vision even the best equipment money can buy won't help your photography.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter, please leave some comments below. 

- Sven