Officially a FUJI X Photographer

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Earlier this week I got some rather exciting news, after patiently waiting for one and a half months FUJI Japan have given the final go ahead and accepted me into their X series family. I have become the fourth New Zealander to join the FUJI X Photographer program.

When the next FUJI website upload occurs (20th June) I will be listed along side some of my work as one of the international photographers using their camera system. Some of the masters already on the list include the great Zack Arias and other fellow New Zealand photographers; Tony Bridge, Robert Catto and Craig Robertson. Please check out the website below to see the outstanding caliber of work being created world wide by the Fuji Team I am now part of.

If you followed my blog posts over the past month its probably already very obvious why I love this camera system. If you have missed some of my posts please give them a read, there are plenty of examples demonstrating this camera systems diversity. 

FUJI and their X series definitely have all the right ingredients to become the next photography giant we are all hoping for. Their unique and innovative approach has pushed the small camera boundaries and I cant wait for further future developments. Now that I am X photographer I am looking forward to testing a lot more of the FUJI X system and bringing my experiences to you. 

- Sven