Community Project - Shooting K - Recap

Even when the sun goes down there are a few who keep watch. FUJI XPRO1, 34mm, F1.4, 1/50s, ISO200

In a group of ten we set of yesterday marching down the infamous Karangahake Rd in central Auckland armed with a small photographic arsenal to keep even the most arrogant art director at bay. Heading out around 4:30pm in the afternoon on a Sunday was probably not the best move on my part as most people in their right mind where already at home trying to forget the misery Monday morning would bring. I feel sorry for the few we did encounter who were probably left frightened by the echoing shutter sounds bouncing through the otherwise fairly empty streets.  

FUJI XPRO1, 34mm, F1.4, 1/52s, ISO200

It was great to get out amongst friends once more and take our cameras for a test drive which would otherwise sit forgotten in a empty corner in their homes and left neglected. It is tough for many going up to strangers and asking them for a picture, I try to encourage it but few give it a go. I am very proud of Melody for giving it a shot after she saw what is probably the most snarky "NO PICTURES!" I have ever received when trying on my luck. While 90% of the time the people on the streets are more than willing participants you do get the occasional grump, but thats all part of the fun, the challenge and the chase of the unknown. 

Because we started so late in the day, this winter night showed no mercy and we were quickly relying on shop window and street lighting while fighting to make handheld exposures. My window of opportunity for creating 'street portraits' quickly closed and I came away with very little. But quantity is not important as long as the quality is there in the few which I did work on. To say the least I am very pleased with the overall outcome from the day, three shots to call my own is more than enough to keep my blog posts going and hopefully get others inspired to come join me and the gang on our next adventure.

- Sven