Community Project - Summer Sun - Recap

We are celebrating summer and the beginning of 2014 with our very first community project of the year. Ten photographers and six models (only two of which showed and the rest cancelled two hours before the event) rocked the Auckland domain today using park benches, trees and flowering bushes as backdrops creating some fantastic summer portraits. 

Fuji XPRO1, 35mm, F1.4, 1/4000s, ISO200

Since we were short a few models (33.33% attendance) both myself and my mate, George, stepped up and took centre stage to strut our stuff! Thanks again George Lim, it is the support and self sacrifice (I know not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera) of individuals like yourself which makes these projects such a success. This was not our first rodeo, and planning shoots which involve large numbers of models being in one place at the right time can be considered a statistical anomaly, so it pays to roll with the punches. Even though our model numbers were low the weather was perfect, slightly overcast with occasional direct sun and a band was playing in the gazebo across the street. Not a bad way to be spending a Sunday afternoon if you ask me.

Fuji XPRO1, 60mm Macro, F2.4, 1/2000s, ISO200

It was great catching up with the friends we made in 2013 throughout the previous community project series and welcome all the new ones to the group. Even though I did very little shooting today it was still fun to be on the receiving end of some new images for our social media space. Hopefully everyone enjoyed themselves and those who asked for help learnt a few new tricks and tips on working in some of the most unpredictable lighting situations, with constantly changing natural light as the sun danced around the clouds. 

One of my continuous improvement goals for these projects is to try and spend a little more time with each attending photographer and give as many tips as I have time to dish out. Hopefully, I did a little better today and would love for anyone to leave a comment with suggestions for improvement. 

I hope everyone came away with some stunning images, and apologies to our two models who had their hands full trying to get a handle on all the photographers, you both did a fantastic job! Have fun editing your images and I can't wait to see what everyone came away with. 

Floating past below are a couple of our behind the scenes shots from today, if you have any you would like to put forward please get in touch. We look forward to seeing you all again next time.

- Sven