China's Building Blocks

As factory executives in the sky scraper cities profit, youths are forced into production factories working for slave labour wages trying to support their families in neighbouring villages. China's growth and infrastructure has come at a cost.

Factory towns hidden away from tourist hot sports are fitted with suicide nets in the stairwells, the windows are to small to jump from and production workers line up in the morning with their heads to the ground ready for their daily quota. And with quiet whispers in the corridors suggesting live organ harvesting is happening right under our noses, it is no surprise a smile is a rare gift amongst the production labour force.

The separation between the classes in China is beyond disgusting and I am still trying to decide if I have been fortunate or unfortunate to have been witness. As the saying goes, 'ignorance is bliss'. 

New Zealand, the place I called home at the time has limited mass production capacity (usually with premium prices not competitive in the international market), and since China built its empire surrounding mass production, offshore manufacturing is an easy commercial decision for those with their heads buried in sand. 

Not knowing what to do at the time (visiting as an engineering representative), I picked up my camera and started this project to illustrate the gap in the Chinese society. So the next time you purchase an item with the infamous 'made in china' sticker, keep in mind the people on the production line marching to the beat of the consumer drum.

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Source: Wild West