Fujifilm MCEX-16 Extension Tube & 56mm APD

Except for wedding ring captures we have no need for a dedicated macro lens, and now with the introduction of purpose built extension tubes there is an alternate option.  Extension tubes are great, they dramatically increase the close focusing ability of a standard lens by increasing the distance of the lens from the sensor.

Everyone who has used a Fujifilm 56mm lens will know that they do not focus close, but when coupled with an extension tube, you will be surprised just how close you can get. All the images of these rings were created with the Fujifilm MCEX-16, the longest extension tube currently available.

We used our last wedding as proof that an extension tube can be used to replace a dedicated macro lens. Plus when coupled with a fast aperture prime, like the F1.2 56mm APD lens, you can achieve an even shallower depth of field when compared to the 60mm F2.4 macro we previously relied on.

- Sven