Mirrorless Embrace

FUJI XPRO1, 60mm Macro, F8, 1/125s, ISO200

Transition complete! You will find no more DSLR's in my bag! I sold them all to the highest bidder last weekend. And why wouldn't I go down this road, when a small form factor camera comes along with image quality to boot, and that nails skin tones every time, I would be stupid using anything else! Eight months have gone by and I only touched the 5D mrk iii a couple of times, and thinking back to when I first got the camera I never thought I would be leaving it to gather dust so readily, yet here we are, completely smitten by the new kid on the block. This was the first shoot I completed relying solely on my Fuji X series cameras, and after delivering the images I do not miss my DSLR or regret the decision. If anything, the results continue to reinforced my belief that the reign of the DSLR might slowly be at an end. 

The lighting setup for the above shot was kept simple to go with the minimalistic concept: one Elinchrom Octa (100cm) placed high (camera left) casting beautifully soft light wrapping around the subject. Backdrop is a $20 foam core board (matt finish) available from any hardware or art supplies store. This was my first semi nude shot and looking back I am very happy with my lighting choices, the soft yet directional light worked really well helping sculpt the pose and emphasise its natural beauty. 

Rose was an absolute delight to photograph and on top of that was kind enough to let me share this image. Thanks again and hopefully we get the chance to get to shoot again soon.

- Sven