Revealing - 'The heart of Venice'

I am celebrating my first year in Italy with the release of the project ‘The heart of Venice'. A project spanning across the last five years (my first visit to the historic city of Venice was in 2012), and my work pays tribute to the origins of the city and its people.

Venice is an international icon, a bucket list item for many and one of the most enchanting cities in the world. Approximately 55 000 permanent residents call the world heritage site home, plus an additional daily influx of 60 000 visitors make it increasingly difficult to find peace amongst the disorder. Non the less, glimpses of the city’s most beautiful elements remain in rare moments of clarity when the chaos briefly subsides. Exposing the traditional foundations which have kept the city afloat.

The full collection is available at the link below,

Enjoy the teaser (20 image limit),