Summer sun tan

A tan is the result of radiation damage to skin cells. Contrary to belief, there is no such thing as a safe tan and the Italian's don't appear to have caught on (and they are not the only ones). With their heads buried in the sand, and the sun warming up their core, the population is thoroughly roasted every August when the office doors close for the summer break. The disrespect shown towards the suns radiation is embarrassing.

Sun exposure can't be avoided, but the quantity these people are soaking every summer season is destructive. Plus their precious red/brown coat is used to judge everyone who played it sun smart. Encouraging the uninformed to make poor choices for the coming seasons. Tanning could not be more popular and the social pressure is immense (having experienced it first hand).

The example we set today, will set the precedence for a healthier future.

My voice comes in the form of photography, I lack the ability to communicate my concerns in words (I have tried) and chose to show the extreme damage the everyday person is inflicting on themselves visually. 


Melanoma Research Foundation,

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