The Brothers - Avedon

If you are like us, and are embracing the classic aesthetic of the modern camera, then why carry your pride in a plastic bag when organic options, equally as bold as their contents, have become available thanks to 'The Brothers'. 100% leather (apart from the buckles and the stitching), and if thats not enough, they are also hand made!

Unlike the traditional plastic backpacks and slings mass produced in China, these products get better with age, each scratch and crease records a story of the adventures you had. I am proud to say, we have already clocked up a few miles and started making this one our own. A bag we are proud to carry. They also don't immediately brand your presence as a pesky photographer. The name of the game, 'to go unnoticed'. When a camera enters the equation, the dynamics change and so does the resulting capture, especially where people are concerned! Keeping the mood and atmosphere relaxed are key, and monster hard cases or vibrant backpacks are far too intimidating and in your face.

A pet hate when it comes to camera bags in general is the fluff which gets all over your gear when slid in and out of the dividing sections. A problem which has manifested itself in all the cases, backpacks, slings and pouches we have tried in the past. But because the internals of the Avedon bag are suede, no such problems. It maybe a little pedantic, but everyone has their ticks.... 

It may not look it, but the Avedon can hold its own. We managed to fit in two camera bodies, four lenses, spare batteries, business cards, iPad and a cleaning cloth. Keeping in mind, because of the bags height, lenses can be stacked on top of one another, so in theory you can actually fit six lenses (mirror-less format size).

A common trait of all photographers is their unique ability to collect bags. With each serving a unique purpose, sometimes it helps to reflect on what is actually necessary for your craft and the environments you operate in. Our genre of interest and speciality, street photography and location portrait work, have key requirements relating to mobility, class and discretion. The Avedon is perfect in this regard, ticking all the boxes. Two weeks have gone by since it arrived in the mail and I have now thrown out all other bags in the same class with no remorse. 

Our only concern is the shoulder strap, double layer leather, it appears a little small for the bags contents. Overtime it is expected to stretch and give a little, but hopefully with the right conditioning it won't tear. The bags leather craftsmanship instills tremendous confidence, so there should be very little to worry about when treated with respect.

The Brothers Avedon is like a good wine, only getting better with time, it almost looks wrong unscratched and new. Thankfully our upcoming trip to Turkey will put a few more dings in the metal buckles, chips in the paint and crease the finish completing the classic aesthetic. 

Although 'The Brothers' is not an exclusive camera bag manufacturer, they sure have done a lot right with this design (a smaller option is also available, and in brown). Along with this review and the bag, 'The Brothers' are now also an official partner. If you like what you see here, make sure to pay them a visit and follow the link below,

- Sven