The Student Project - The DOCO

About a month ago, we were approached by a AUT (Auckland University of Technology) student media team. The team of three were on a mission, seeking out street photographers in and around the Auckland area willing to participate in a three minute documentary covering our niche field of interest.

We're still uncertain how it happened, but through a convoluted web of links and recommendations, miraculously our work made it to the top of the candidate list.  Over the next two weeks a rough script and story board was drawn up and we set a date to kick start take one. 

We purposely chose Friday, 31st May. Not only was it the opening night of my first public exhibition, but on Friday's from the afternoon until just after rush hour are the busiest times on the street. People are going out for the night, looking to party or heading home for the evening. Placing ourselves in the busiest environment presented the best chance for collecting material and participants for the documentary. 

The Crew - Eleah Ramos, Dante Numa & Michael Tomich

The Crew -  Dante Numa, Eleah Ramos, & Michael Tomich

We received a lot of attention while running around the city centre; a crew of three, tripod, boom mic and an accompanying director is not what I consider a subtle entourage. Usually I go by myself, ideally you want to stay inconspicuous and mobile. Street images do not wait for you, if you do not react you go home empty handed.

However, due to the equipment mobility constraints, each cut was a preset. Public participants were coerced and manoeuvred in front of the film crew so that it would be easier to cut together material. A complex collaboration. Luckily all the flamboyant, colourful and eccentric individuals we came across were only too happy to get involved.

A big THANK YOU and shout out to the AUT film department and the producing team: Eleah Ramos, Dante Numa and Michael Tomich. Without your hard work, lugging gear throughout the CBD, holding mics, fighting blisters and the crowds from midday through to rush hour the documentary would not have been as successful. 

Take a minute, watch the final edit below, experience what it is like to be on the streets of Auckland and enjoy the added bonus behind the scenes look at how we go about photographing in the public domain.

- Sven