Time well spent

As photographers and creatives we spend countless days practising our craft, developing new ideas,  evolving our portfolios and fighting for an opportunity to be recognized. Through this process we develop a form of tunnel vision, fuelled by our desire to grow and succeed. If your tunnel (like mine) is narrow and refined, then you might be missing out on a reward much greater than the audience supporting your portfolio on social platforms can provide..

The struggle of living literally half way across the world from my family (Italy --> New Zealand) and with a baby on the way, opened my eyes. It was time to expand, focusing outside the confined boundaries of the ‘InPassing & Overlooked’ collection considered my life’s work, and starting a new chapter dedicated to family. A collection created with equal focus and attention to detail in hope of closing the international gap.

Although the family chapter is only four months old, the thought of potentially having missed these moments had I not taken a step back to re-evaluate and broaden my focus is indescribable. It is never too late to start, trust me, it is time well spent. The rewards are far greater than your social media platforms will provide.

Dedicated to family..

The full collection is available at the link below,

Enjoy the teaser (20 image limit),